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We are loyal to serving families who embrace Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior while honoring the broader community who desire an extraordinary experience in an inviting, warm, and loving atmosphere.

**We use language that centers women

  • We support all women with a unique focus on Black women to shift the dynamics of health disparities.
  • We provide evidence-based information and honor cultural practices and wisdom in support of the diversity of options available to a woman.
  • We support the involvement of fathers, partners, and family members as healthcare advocates for a woman's right to informed consent, informed refusal, and shared decision making.
  • We support the continuity of care by health care providers with the inclusion of fathers, partners, and family members to the extent that a woman desires.
  • We support care that incorporates spirituality, emotional and physical support, and complementary, alternative and integrative medicine and treatments that embrace a woman's desire for an unmedicated  birth or limited use of medication.
  • We support and respect a woman's individual values, culture, beliefs, needs, and personal preferences.
  • We support a woman's right to access information and knowledge that empowers her ability to make informed decisions about her care.
  • We support evidence-informed practices that consider the best research, provider's knowledge and critical thinking, client preferences and values, and clinical circumstances.

Adapted from the proposed revised model of patient centered care as outlined in Patient-Centered Medicine, Patient-Centered Care in Maternity Services.

  • We support evidence-informed practices that consider the best available research evidence, practitioner knowledge and experience, client preferences and values, and the clinical state and circumstances (Nevo & Slonim-Nevo, 2011).

We focus on providing information that builds knowledge and skills to help shape the way you think or feel about something, so that you can make the best plan of action for your individual birth vision and birth plan. Therefore, we do not teach any specific method or tell you how to give birth.

Kingdom focused. Faith driven. Wisdom & integrity. Healthy & whole.
We are Unique

Kingdom Birth Services is an evolution in perinatal education and support. We welcome all Kingdom focused families after God's own heart, with a special place for Black women who lack sufficient opportunities to see themselves portrayed in examples of healthy pregnancies, and birth outcomes and practicing Christianity simultaneously. 

  • Intentionally disciple women ready for motherhood in their faith walk.
  • Encourage and support women in partnership with the Kingdom of God for the creation of a birth vision and plan.
  • Invite an atmosphere of praise and worship with the Holy Spirit into the birth room.
  • Fuse scripture, worship music, prayer, and meditation into the curriculum as desired.
  • Unravel the connection between God's design for birth and physiologic birth.
  • Utilize evidence-based and evidence-informed practices that support healthy and normal physiologic birth.
Our Commitment
Set Apart
Birth Philosophy, Core Concepts & Method
Our Message


Everyone has the right to a positive birth experience. Pregnancy is not an illness but a normal part of a woman's lifespan. Unless pregnancy, labor or birth deviates from a normal physiological course, support and encouragement should be used to harness inner strength and instincts to give birth with a conservative use of medical and technological interventions, if any.

Core Birth Concepts

  • Safe and healthy birth is a human right.
  • Birth is a normal physiological process.
  • Woman centered care requires shared decision making, informed consent and informed refusal.
  • Resilience improves the experience of birth and its outcomes.

Method of Education